Ottoman Seat Space Saver

This is the Cube 5 in 1 Ottoman Seat Space Saver.

Build the 5 seats

It’s a handy space saver with four hidden metal pieces inside, so once you remove the top, you can access the four metal pieces and then the sides of the cube actually detach. So these sides are all color-coded to each metal piece, so you’ll have one that’ll be a white or a brown or a green and that way you can pair the right top to the right metal piece and build this a little quicker with the nice color-coded system. They snap on the sides as well as the tops so they clip on and they’re secure. Takes a couple minutes to build the whole system, but once you do you have a whole five seats. So there we have it, we have a five full seats now out of that one cube Ottoman.

Pairing with an extending dining table

Nice little space-saving hidden system so here’s another example we paired the cube ottoman with a junior giant table, so as you can see, we have four seats to the one side and one on each end, so you actually could use two of these to sit around this table. Alternatively you could use a cube as a well some folding chairs too to see the whole dinner party. This is a great space heading paring and, as you can see, here the base is actually on mobile wheels, so it can slide around and, of course, when it’s all built as a larger ottoman the whole volume will move together like that.

Compact this back into the single cube from 5 seats

It’s quite mobile and easy to move around, so the side snap back into place they have a little groove system, so they’ve been walked right back in very easily and snap in place. So once you have all four pieces around that cube again, you can then take those metal pieces, then nest it back into each other. So, as you can see here, if you look closely there’s actually four different sizes there, so the very part one is the smallest the closest one is the largest, so that’s how they can nest to each other and again they’re all color-coded to match a certain side on that main base. So once you nest step back inside you can put the top on and then you can either hide it under a junior giant like in this example or you can hide it in plain sight in your living room. Now this cube can also be customized it can come in different colors like yellow, brown, black, whit,e blue or even a fabric of your choice.