How to Select the Perfect Dining Table

There are a multitude of dining table options out there. How do you know which one to choose? Here are a few ideas for selecting the perfect dining table.

Think About How You Plan to Use Your Dining Table

  • Do you host large dinner parties or small intimate family gatherings?
  • Do you need seating for 12 or for four?
  • Do you want the flexibility of a table with leaves to add additional seating?

Required Space Around Your Dinning Table

Ideally, there should be at least 36 inches of space around your dining table to allow for people to pass by and for chairs to be pulled in and out. A quick measurement of your dining room will give you a rough idea of the best table size for your space.

Determined the Best Shape and Size for Your Dining Table

If your room is square, you may want to choose a round table. A long and narrow room is better suited for a rectangular or oval table.

  • Round dining tables vary from about 48” in diameter, which can seat 4-6 people, to 96”, which will seat 10-12.
  • Rectangular dining tables are typically 36” wide.
  • 48” long table will seat 4,
  • 60” long table will seat 4-6,
  • 78” long table will seat 6-8.

Time to Think About Finishes

A glass and chrome dining table is well-suited for contemporary homes. Wood tables with refined design are classic and suit a multitude of decor styles. And if your home is more eclectic consider tables with unique finishes like mirror or rustic wood and metal.

There you have it some helpful tips for selecting the perfect dining table.