How to Correctly Measure for a Dining Room Rug

Rub for Your Dining Room Table

This is a quick tip for you about how to know what size rub to get for your dining room table. The key is to find a rug big enough. so that when you slide your chairs out they’re not sliding on and off the rug and I can show you how to do that four easy steps.

Step One

Sit at the table and push your chair back like you’re getting up.

Step Two

Use tape to mark the back legs of the chair, when pushed out from the table.

Step Three

Do this on all four sides of the table just one chair per side will work perfectly.

Step Four

Use a measuring tape to check the distance and this will give you the baseline for the smallest rug size, that you need, but you can always go bigger.

Kids and Rug

And here’s one last tip I have kids and I was worried about putting a rug underneath our kitchen table. I highly recommend using an indoor/outdoor rug just like this one they are meant to handle the elements which makes cleaning up a breeze plus they come in so many fun prints and patterns this rug table and the chairs.