Eve Glass Extending Dining Table Range

Extra seats

It’s really important that you love all of the pieces in your home and they’ve got to be right for you the Eve Table has a really unique finish and it makes for a stunning look, but it also has some great features tipe. The Eve Table generously seats for people unextended and if you did want to make use of the extra width on the table you could pop an extra chair on either side to see six people. Of course when it’s extended you add two extra place settings so you would have three on each side and once again you could add a chair on either side to get that extra room and that would make it an 8 seater. Now the table has been designed to be as versatile as possible, it has extra width and length so you can pop an armchair on either side and by doing this you’re not only creating an 8 seater, but you’re also making a real feature of your dining area.

Form armchair

Here we’ve stabbed it with our form armchair and as you can see there’s plenty of room to get a chair on either end it just creates that really luxurious feel. So as a quick reference the table seats for people or 6 if you use the ends and when you add the extension you can see six people or eight people if you use the ends.

Matte glass

This is a modern, very impressive table, the finish is tactile and surprisingly soft given that it’s glass, everything about it just feels nice. We refer to this finish as super matte glass, it has kind of a soft focused blurry look to it and its really soft to touch. To get the really soft matte texture the surface of the glass is etched incredibly finely so about the opposite of buffing and it leaves the surface of the glass with a completely matte look.

The final approved finish

We’ve gone for a super-super fine finish for the evenings, working back and forth with our manufacturer to perfect the finish, because it’s quite technical detail to get right. In the end we work by laying various processes to get the final approved finish that we were happy with. The final result is something quite different it has all the beauty of glass but it’s taken on quite a special feel. The advantage of this treatment is that the matte finish isn’t an applied finish that can share or peel off, is an integral feature of the glass so it’s incredibly durable.

Tempered glass is one of the strongest materials

As always we use 10 millimeter tempered glass which is one of the strongest materials you can buy for furniture. We do get asked this quite a lot, but it really is one of the strongest materials you can get. It’s treated to withstand pressure so it can stand up to almost anything.

The frame, legs and angles

The frame at the table has an inverted 45 degree of detail, but most importantly the legs tuck underneath the glass top. The great thing about this is that you have a really nice considered design detail on the leg, but doesn’t interrupt the smooth glass finish on the top. From every angle it looks really designed, but also has that seamless look.

Four options

You’ve got four options when it comes to this table so if you don’t want to match your chairs we’ve got all your bases covered, you’ve got the choice of this white top which comes with either a brushed stainless steel chrome or a satin white frame, alternatively you could go through this soft grey which comes with a brushed stainless steel frame. Each of the options are very different so it is worth taking the time to consider which choice would work best for you.

The extending mechanism

The extending mechanism on this table is high spec easy to use and almost invisible. Is really easy to extend I’m a leaf is stored within the table and to extend the table all you need to do is turn the lever to unlock the top. To open the table you need to lift the table slightly and pull from the underside, belief is slightly sprung, so it takes very little effort for it to pop in and out easily once the extension is lifted up just slider leaves back together and lock the lever in place. The locking mechanism means that the table is a sturdy when it’s extended as when it’s not and the lock means that the extension leaf and the main tabletop are joined together so when it’s extended you have one homogeneous tabletop. There’s no annoying gaps where crumbs or germs can lurk you’ve got two choices for the top: white or soft gray. Really it comes down to choice white is always modern, but gray has that slightly softer look and it’s really contemporary too. To keep the white from looking too clinical we use a low iron glass which reduces that green tinge you can see on the side profile of glass. The glass finish is really easy to care for as with all of our tables we recommend placemats and coasters especially with oven to table web.

To keep it clean

You can wipe it with a soft cloth something like a microfiber cloth or a dish cloth, for more in depth clean than to tidy up spills just use a mild soapy detergent. This will do the job fine and washing up liquid will be fine as well you can use antibacterial spray and the glass so from a firmly point of view it’s great if there’s anything else you need just give us a call and we’re happy to help don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter where you can get free buying guides tools and styling tips