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How to Install Glass Coffee Table with Black and White Glossy Stylish Base

7 Easy Steps of Glass Coffee Table Installation

Step One

Put the glass on flat surface and tight the rods manually.

Step Two

Insert the small square leg.

Step Three

Tighten the double sided rod with nut into the square leg.

Step Four

Insert the small cut leg and tighten the nut there.

Step Five

Now insert two rods and tighten with hands.

Step Six

Insert the next rectangular small flat leg.

Step Seven

Now put the base and tighten the nuts with tightening key and turn your table around.

10 Best Glass Coffee Tables 2016

Number 10 – Mango Steam Metro.

The Mango Steam Metro was the perfect way to add class to a small space with this quality all steel base that curves in with taking up minimum floor room. It’s table top is just the right size for two people, but unfortunately it does show smudges easily bump us on the base prevent floor damage and the one-piece top is easy to clean over the glass is thin and can crack.

Number 9 – Convenience Concepts Palm Beach.

At the benign the Convenience Concepts Palm Beach is a very versatile table. It comes with two trays with handles in them, so you can easily take snacks and drinks to it, but you can also remove them for a clean look. Unfortunately the corners are very sharp. You get a choice of black bamboo or wide trays and it looks more expensive, than it is, but the bottom glass shelf is fragile.

Number 8 – Ashley Frandelli Rectangular.

Coming in at number eight analyst the Ashley Frandelli Rectangular looks modern and welcoming with its stacked bars and rot design and polished edges. The chrome finishing shines, when it’s clean and acts like a mirror which creates the illusion of more space in the room. It matches both classic and edgier decor and comes with extra thick glass, however the base could be sturdier.

Number 7 – Flash Furniture Signature Design.

At number seven the Flash Furniture Signature Design is a truly captivating piece that Metropolitan inclined home decorators will admire. It’s so strong, that it won’t break even if small children crawl across it plus the glass is very clear creating a nice clean look. It features a unique off-center crossbar base and a metal finish with a quality coating, but the glass doesn’t perfectly align with the table.

Number 6 – Magnussen Pie Shaped.

Moving up a list a number six the Magnussen Pie Shaped is the perfect art deco piece for the host, who loves to show off in style. It has three dramatically arching bent plywood legs, that support the glass top, which is firmly added using elegant stainless steel parks. It boasts worn up veneers on the base and is perfect for small living rooms, however the bottom is difficult to clean.

Number 5 – Sauder Round International Lux.

Halfway of our list at number five the Sauder Round International Lux is a simple and timeless piece, that will look lovely in an antique collectors home. The gold slender legs create an airy look and the table top as a generous 36 inch diameter, so you can host a large tea or coffee gathering with it. The old metal legs feel sturdy and the open sides won’t hit your knees or feet, but there’s no shelf space to store things on.

Number 4 – Finley Home Sutton.

At the before this gorgeous Finley Home Sutton has a slotted lower shelf, that not only gives it a rustic look, but offers plenty of display space. It’s a beautiful example of refined craftsmanship with beveled glass, that makes the table the focal point of any room. It’s a chip design with clean lines and it’s easy to put together, however it is a little too short.

Number 3 – Coaster Home Furnishings 702588.

Nearing the top of our list at number three the Coaster Home Furnishings 702588 has a curvaceous pace, that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but also very stable. The black edge along the top creates a nice frame for items like coffee table books and a chip look, that works equally well as a cocktail table. The legs have an elegant nickel finish and it’s glamorous enough for an office lobby. The pieces fit firmly together.

Number 2 – Walker Edison Wave.

At number two split-level shelves will make this Walker Edison Wave interesting and eye catching addition to your living room or office decor for under $70. The oval shape means no sharp corners to run into and the bottom is perfect for displaying decorative pieces. It features clear and frosted glass and stunning chrome metal legs, it includes all the assembly tools.

Number 1 – Fab Glass and Mirror Bent.

And taking the top spot on our list the Fab Glass and Mirror Bent will add an understated hint of sophistication to your living room. The seamless table is all one piece making it less likely to break and is entirely clear, so it won’t interrupt the decor of a room plus it can support a lot of weight. It’s made with solid and exceptionally durable glass and has plenty of space underneath for storage, it makes minimal dents in your carpet.

How to Correctly Measure for a Dining Room Rug

Rub for Your Dining Room Table

This is a quick tip for you about how to know what size rub to get for your dining room table. The key is to find a rug big enough. so that when you slide your chairs out they’re not sliding on and off the rug and I can show you how to do that four easy steps.

Step One

Sit at the table and push your chair back like you’re getting up.

Step Two

Use tape to mark the back legs of the chair, when pushed out from the table.

Step Three

Do this on all four sides of the table just one chair per side will work perfectly.

Step Four

Use a measuring tape to check the distance and this will give you the baseline for the smallest rug size, that you need, but you can always go bigger.

Kids and Rug

And here’s one last tip I have kids and I was worried about putting a rug underneath our kitchen table. I highly recommend using an indoor/outdoor rug just like this one they are meant to handle the elements which makes cleaning up a breeze plus they come in so many fun prints and patterns this rug table and the chairs.

How to Choose Dining Room Design

One of the Biggest Things to Consider

One of the biggest things to consider in dining room design today, is all of the the other functions that go on, in the dining room.

  • Is the dining room just a formal dining room that you are using a couple of times a year?
  • Sometime dining rooms designed double as home offices.
  • Sometime it is a buffet,- that doubles as a computer station, when the formal dining room is not in use.
  • Often times the dining room is being used everyday.

That is something we need to consider when selecting the furnishing and the materials, if it is going to be really high traffic use all the time.

What Kind of Chandelier Do You Select?

Now, of course, you always have to have a chandelier over the dining room table. What kind of chandelier do you select, if you have a round, square or an oval table?

  • A round chandelier is what you want, if you have a rectangular table.
  • A series of pendance or long linear chandelier, that’s what would work with a rectangular table.

How High Over the Table Hang the Chandelier?

Well good rule of the thumb is 28 to 32 inches above the table is the perfect chandelier height. Again those rules are always meant to be broken and if you really have a really high ceiling or a super funky chandelier, definitely hang at your discretion. But 30 inches is a perfect rule of thumb and it allows you to still feature the chandelier as a design focal point and also be able to talk to the person across the table.

Height of the Arm of Your Chair

Another thing you want to consider is the height of the arm of your chair versus the apron of the table. And a good rule for thumb for that, is to allow seven inches between the dining room chair arm and, the apron of the table, now you have got a table that fits perfectly in the room, how many chairs can you fit around the table, I always plan for 24 inches for each chair and that gives you enough room to pull in and out without knocking elbows with your neighbor next to you.

If you remember some of these tips and tricks, you will have a beautiful dinning room that you can entertain, work or use as a library for many years to come.

How to Select the Perfect Dining Table

There are a multitude of dining table options out there. How do you know which one to choose? Here are a few ideas for selecting the perfect dining table.

Think About How You Plan to Use Your Dining Table

  • Do you host large dinner parties or small intimate family gatherings?
  • Do you need seating for 12 or for four?
  • Do you want the flexibility of a table with leaves to add additional seating?

Required Space Around Your Dinning Table

Ideally, there should be at least 36 inches of space around your dining table to allow for people to pass by and for chairs to be pulled in and out. A quick measurement of your dining room will give you a rough idea of the best table size for your space.

Determined the Best Shape and Size for Your Dining Table

If your room is square, you may want to choose a round table. A long and narrow room is better suited for a rectangular or oval table.

  • Round dining tables vary from about 48” in diameter, which can seat 4-6 people, to 96”, which will seat 10-12.
  • Rectangular dining tables are typically 36” wide.
  • 48” long table will seat 4,
  • 60” long table will seat 4-6,
  • 78” long table will seat 6-8.

Time to Think About Finishes

A glass and chrome dining table is well-suited for contemporary homes. Wood tables with refined design are classic and suit a multitude of decor styles. And if your home is more eclectic consider tables with unique finishes like mirror or rustic wood and metal.

There you have it some helpful tips for selecting the perfect dining table.

Fire Pits

Fire Pit Set

Make yourself a holiday and experience indoor comfort in your garden with our new and exclusive dining fire pit set. All sets have a parasol toughened eight millimeter superstone safety glass and deep filled cushions on the chair back and base for added comfort.

Different Rat and Weaves

All sets are available in a choice of four different rat and weaves. The mixed brown rattan weep and the natural half round we’ve have beige cushions, the mixed gray weave and the black we’ve have light great cushions. All cushion covers a machine washable and made exclusively of the highest quality materials.

Center Pit

The multifunctional table has a center pit that can be used as an ice bucket for keeping drinks call on those hot summer days or alternatively used for  barbecue cooking, as the evening draws in a month may be required you simply place the ember guard over the fire and use as a fire pit. Our full range is maintenance-free and also fully weather resistant meaning, it can be left outdoors all year round in any weather conditions.

Aura Sofa & Dining Combinations

Sofa and Dining Combo

Indulge yourself and experience indoor comfort in your garden with our new and exclusive corner sofa and dining combo. This modular ratan corner sofa can be configured into many different layouts with no assembly required. When you have decided on the perfect position and layout of your furniture it simply clips together to ensure no movement. When you want to just put your feet up and relax simply adjust theflip up base on the corner sofa section and this transforms your sofa into a comfortable lounger.

Integrated Armrest

Another option is the integrated armrest that can also be used as a drinks holder or cooler. All sets are available in a choice of four different rat and weaves. The mixed brown ratan weed and the natural half round we’ve have beige cushions, the mixed gray weave and the black we’ve have light gray cushions. All cushion covers a machine washable and made exclusively of the highest quality materials.

Safety Glass and Deep Filled Cushions

All sets have a parasol toughened eight millimeter safety glass and deep filled cushions on the chair back in base for added comfort. Our full range comes with a seven year guarantee, is maintenance-free and also fully weather resistant meaning it can be left outdoors all year round in any weather conditions.